Prayer for Today and Everday for Our Leaders and Country Please join in, Read and share

Join me in prayer for our new president and leadership today!

Dear Lord, Let this prayer be a unified petition from the body of Christ standing together to cover our countries' leaders in a canopy of prayer. We pray for the judges, educators, police officials, school board members, military officers, elected officials and all others who serve our country. As your Word reminds us, we pray for the righteousness of our leadership, their wisdom, knowledge and understanding. We ask you to guide them in each and every decision and act made so that it is pleasing and faithful to you.

May they never forget, in times of persecution, that they are protected for battle, clad in the full armor you have sacrificially willed for all of us who love and trust in You, our sovereign Lord.

With the belt of truth wrapped tightly around their waists, may they choose act with integrity and to treat others with respect, so that they give may model to their children and ours, what it looks like to live out Your love and mercy.

We ask that you keep the sword of the spirit sharp through godly counsel and God-fearing advisers that they surround themselves with others who are faithful to you and not afraid to stand in the gap.

We recognize of the fiery arrows of the enemy will be like a storm around them, constantly trying to penetrate their hearts toward corruption, self-elevation, debachery, pornography, greed, perversion, drunkenness, lies and fear. Remind them that their breastplate of righteousness protects their pure, thankful, generous, compassionate, loyal, honest, forgiving and humble hearts. We pray they have courage to resist manipulation, pressures and temptations that do not serve the best interests of our country and honor Your proverbs.

Remind them of Your faithful promises, that You will heal our land if we repent of our sins, turn away from wicked ways, seek Your face and always, always humbly seek you in prayer so that we, Your people whom You called by name, may be elevated to eternal life through Christ;

Regardless of the journey that lay before our new president and his wife, help us to keep our eyes on the true path -- to share the gospel of peace to all nations with our sights set on our ultimate destination, salvation from our sins and eternal life in Your kingdom. Surround them, Lord, with legions of Angels to help the secret service protect them and their families from enemy attacks, and to cover the enemy as well, as they live in fear. Inspire them, Holy Spirit, to find, trust, surrender and place their faith in You, and restore the morality and order in our nations (esp 5:22)

We specifically ask that you give your servant Donald Trump, complete understanding that it is You and only You that has provided the opportunities throughout his life, to shape him, and mold him, specifically so that he be called and prepared for such a time as this. Hear us O Lord! Hear our prayer, our humble prayer. In Jesus name, Amen.

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