Jumping Into College A Day in the Life of a College Volleyball Player

Life isn't easy for a college athletes; Sophomore Biology Pre-Med major, Gina Gano, would know. Balancing a social life and other organizations can be overwhelming. Gina balances her life pretty well considering that her volleyball tournaments normally last a whole weekend, which gives her limited time for school work.
"I play with passion and purpose. Without volleyball I wouldn't be complete" -Gina Gano
Volleyball is more than just a sport to Gina. Playing volleyball feels like home to her. Its her biggest escape from stress and it makes her feel confident and powerful. As a freshman jumping into college, playing volleyball was the only thing that felt right to her. She gets up early, goes to class for about 8 hours, then goes to practice. Never once does she complain.
Her volleyball team is like a family to her. They all have a great bond which really shows on and off the court. This bond was especially strong the day of their home tournament right here at our very own Nutter Center.
Gina plays a huge rule on her team as left side hitter, also known as strong side. She has a so many of kills and aces that she can't even keep up with the exact number. As a sophomore, her college volleyball career is just starting so she has many more aces and kills ahead of her.
Gina started playing volleyball in 7th grade and she says she's never been the same since. She knew that she had a talent as soon as she stepped on the court. She can't imagine a life without volleyball.
Gina compares volleyball to life. "There's ups and downs, but you always find ways to get through them", Gina says, "I have my team, my family, and my sorority sisters, so I can always look for any of them for guidance".
"I take pride in three things: volleyball, my school, and my sorority"
Not only does Gina play volleyball, but she also is the president of Kappa Delta Sorority. This in itself is a major accomplishment that comes with a ton of responsibility. She is supported and pushed by her 60+ sorority sisters to be the best she can be.
Gina looks forward to her next two years as she plans to beat her own personal records in volleyball. She not only hopes to continue to succeed in volleyball, she also hopes to with school. She knows that there will be many more struggles in her future, but she plans to take then head on. Without volleyball Gina wouldn't be complete.

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