October's tradeshow: PAckEXPo 2018 2301 S King Dr, Chicago, IL 60616, USA

It's here people!!

In 2018, PACK EXPO International will be the world’s largest packaging trade show, featuring: 50,000 attendees from across 40+ vertical industries 2,500+ exhibitors showcasing their latest packaging solutions and launching new products.

And we'll be there too of course, ready to meet you all ;)

Not sure if you should come here's a mini video of the feelings you might feel during the show.

Meet this year's attendees from Corruven

Alain Bélanger, CEO & Founder of Corruven Inc.

Since founding his first company in 1986, Mr. Bélanger has been working against the grain to redefine what it means to manage forests sustainably. But his eagerness to protect the rich ecosystems our future depends on has taken him in the bold new direction that is Corruven. Mr. Bélanger has garnered over 30+ years of experience in building award-winning fast-growth companies.

Enthusiasm for innovation, sustainability, disruption, and changing the world are all synonyms that represent Alain Belanger. He has many titles - forest engineer, serial entrepreneur, sustainability advocate, innovator, inventor, and certainly a few more. There is only one title, however, that can succinctly do the man justice.

Alain Belanger is a visionary leader, and a gifted one at that. An encounter with him is sure to leave you both filled with excitement, eager to change the world and utterly perplexed, questioning your perspective of how the world should work.

Today, he is leading a carefully selected team of innovators in building a truly sustainable future by leveraging the disruptive potential of his material technologies. The company is backed by over 150 strategic investors and is well on its way to changing the game, most particularly in the protective packaging and building materials industry. Alain and Corruven are focused on creating truly sustainable solutions with the long term in mind.

Daniel Beauregard-Long, COO at Corruven Inc.

Mr. Long has been with Corruven since 2012 and has played an important role in bringing the company’s vision to life. He is part of the Wallace McCain Institute “Second in Command” 5th cohort (2iC5). He has completed training in Wood Process Technology (BFH, Switzerland) and in Wood Structure and Resins (OSU, Oregon). He is certified through ISTA’s CPLP at the technician level.

Mr. Long is also involved in with customers to help them remove EPS from their supply chain and to adapt their packaging to the realities of supply chains for e-commerce. He is interested in improving the sustainability of e-commerce and reducing the global cost of packaging – logistics, material, labour, and damage.

What is Corruven ?

Corruven is a technology company specializing in the manufacture of products for the architectural and packaging markets. Our goal is to put together a strong team of leaders with a view to building a better world by means of game-changing innovation. We help our clients to reduce total costs, diminish their environmental footprint, reduce logistical costs and create new growth opportunities.

At Corruven, we have made it our mission to work with industry leaders worldwide to create game-changing solutions towards building a truly sustainable future.

We believe it’s all about using materials in a smarter way to get more performance from fewer resources. We are sustainably sourced and enable companies to comply with state and federal regulations to eliminate environmentally harmful EPS based foam packaging. We assist in providing a seamless transition to a simplified, revolutionary & state-of-the-art packaging solution alternative. Our vision is to help to eliminate EPS foam and other plastics that are currently being used in the packaging industry. Our hope is to help each other to improve our environmental issues most notably - the plastic pollution once and for all.

We can't wait to meet you there!

P.S: Here's a floor plan for you find us easily at the tradeshow.

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