Family Acceptance And Success In The LGBT Community Brandon Orozco

My research throughout this semester focused on how family neglect towards their LGBT child affects tat child's ability to be successful in their life. The reason I became interested in this topic is mostly due to the film "Paris Is Burning" as I noticed that most of the characters in the documentary all had a similar background, and that similarity was that their family did not accept them because they were LGBT. Due to the rejection these people faced from their family they lived on the streets and they struggled to make a living. Some of them resorted to prostitution in order to make a living, and that more often than not had a very tragic conclusion for the person.

The beginning process of my research consisted of using different types of search terms in order to find sources that would help me develop ideas for the type of things that i would mention in my essay. To search for sources i used two different methods. The first method was to type the different search terms in he Google search bar and filter through the different websites that popped up. The second method I used was using the school's library page to find academic journals that were related to my topic.

Throughout my research I learned family rejection towards their LGBT child causes so many different types of internal and external problems within that child. Internally, that child develops trust issues because they see the world as a negative place due to the rejection they face from their parents. The child is also more likely to develop a some form of PTSD as a result of the trauma that some suffer from depending on whether or not the child was physically or verbally abused by the parents. Externally, the child will most likely decide to runaway from home because they can no longer withstand the abuse and rejection from their parents, and they would prefer to live on the streets than to live in a place were they do not feel safe.

The majority of these young teens end up on the streets, and their chances of ever being someone successful in life are greatly diminished because they will most likely never finish their education, they have a higher risk of developing drug and alcohol problems, and they may result to stealing in order to survive.

It is very difficult to be successful even with a high school diploma, and for the majority of these kids they may never finish high school because they runaway from home at such a young age. When living on the streets there is no telling what type of bad habits people will develop, and with many of these young kids suffering from depression the chances of the developing drug and alcohol problems are that much higher. The chances of these young teens resorting to theft in order to survive are much more higher with them living on the streets, and eventually they may come to trouble with the police and get sent to jail. This will just make it more difficult for them to be successful in life because it is really difficult to find a job once a person has some form of criminal background.

Being successful in life is what people strive for, however, the chances of being successful are diminished is that person has neglecting and unsupportive parents.


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