Colour Run... Well done OFS

Today Orley Farm celebrated a wonderful start to our day...we are fortunate to start every day well and therefore it was appropriate to reflect upon this by supporting a local charity that aims to help families that might not be so lucky. HomeStart

Adam Virani wrote a letter at the start of the year asking us to support Home Start Ealing. His letter was so compelling and spoke from the heart that we made this our charity of the year to support. In the meantime Anya Shah had already suggested a colour run as a good vehicle to raise funds - she put a proposal to both Mr Davies and me that would have met any criteria laid down by the Dragons or even Lord Sugar...the planets were starting to align! Mr Davies mobilised the OFA who pulled strings to procure all sorts of necessary items from the dyes to jaffa cakes, water to PA systems and suddenly 500 pupils, 140 staff and over 100 marshals were on a field...!

Mid speech Anya thought she would give me a little colour...!
Art teachers need colour!

Mr Evans and Mr Ford had written a school song that caught on beautifully and the Orley Band kicked us off creating the carnival atmosphere...

For Orley Farm parents there is an additional video that we put together with an appropriate soundtrack...enjoy!

Before the race had even begun, the parents appeared to need to test the dyes...there was a point when this appeared to get out of hand and the naughty step beckoned!!!

And...then we were off!

A huge thank you for all your support...this is the stuff of memories and a cornerstone to our culture...to be thankful for what we have and to find the true value in giving to and serving our community...

I will apologise now to parents who might be finding coloured dye in all manner of places...without going into detail I was impressed as an art teacher at the colours that our bath tub contained...I was even more surprised to note that both my contact lenses are different colours, bringing new meaning to 'rose tinted specs'...!

Parents made the most of this moment...!

As ever, we will await the next creative ideas for 2018/19 fundraising! But this was certainly a huge success...

Tim Calvey

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