Elizabethan Religion NIcole Howieson, Victor Rangel, Devin McClure, Emilee Hurtado


The Protestant Reformation was initiated by Martin Luther in 1517. Martin published around 95 theses to try and spread his thoughts. He wanted to challenge some Roman Catholic practices, especially where people had to give things to the church just to be forgiven.


Protestants vs Catholics

They both fought for political power in England. For a period of time, England was a mess because of the constant change between these religions.



Protestants are people who protested against the limiting of Martin Luther's ideas. Thus the name Protestants.



In the 1500's people of England all practiced Catholic religion. But this religion was questioned during the reformation and the beliefs of men such as German, Martin Luther, who prompted a new religion called Protestantism.


The Religious Settlement of 1559

This settlement was made by Elizabeth I and made Protestantism the official religion of England. Everyone had to attend church on Sundays. Everything had to be readable by the mass majority (English) and the Church of England was mostly dissolved.



Queen Mary I was the sister of Queen Elizabeth I and would rule between 1553 and 1558. Mary was strictly Catholic, so all of England needed to switch religions. Some people refused, so she would burn them at the stake. This is where the infamous phenomenon came from, Bloody Mary.



Queen Elizabeth I was the sister of Mary I. Elizabeth reigned from 1558-1603. She did not agree with the religion Mary put into place and instead brought back the Protestant religion. Although, unlike the past kings/queens, you were allowed to choose what religion you want to follow.



Catholics believed that as long as they repayed the Priests/Pope back (like gifts or money), they would forgive them of their sins

Protestants believed that God would forgive all of their sins


Priests and Churches

Catholics - Everything should be in Latin at the Church. Popes were used by God and priests would just spread God's word from him to the people.

Protestants - Everything should be in a language that everyone at the Church would understand. Anyone can find and believe in God without a priest/minister leading them.


Other Religions

Wicca - For people who used and believe in witches/witchcraft. This wasn't very accepted and people in this group would be blamed for all kinds of evil.

Church of England - Queen Elizabeth was the one who cut the ties with this religion off with the Roman Catholic Church. King Henry VIII was the one that established this church. This is usually the church that is known to be fully established.


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