HRM introduction case study Group Member: Chungxiao Wang Ying. Wang Feier Chen Dingwei Fan

Q1: 1. what should employee done differently

  • A: working environment
  • B: language
  • C: family issue
  • D: political, economic , culture , legislation , technology background difference .

A: learning local traditions and working conditions.

  • B: learning local language
  • C: communicating with local government and UK embassy.
  • D: change original working plan according to new polities training new worker recruit new professional worker

Q2: What should HR have done to help?

  • HR should training their employee.
  • Provide experienced staff aboard together.
  • Finding suitable office space

Q3. What policies, steps, and practices should have been in place to inform, educate and assist the employee before accepting the position?

  • Training staff.
  • To ensure that employees have professional skills
  • Provide accommodation for employees.
  • To establish penalties

Q4: In your view, was this the right kind of appointment for her? If not, why not?

It's not a good choice to make this appointment to her.

  • family problem
  • Language problem
  • Without overseas work experience
  • Without technical knowledge

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