Self-Management: Routine Self-management Exhibit

Its all about the Routine!

For my second exhibit on self-management, I decided to try and craft the perfect routine for my typical week as a student at clemson.

This routine is going to hit all of the different aspects of my life as I go through them every week.

Before creating my own routine I watched this video to help me understand why having a routine is so important and also what goes into the perfect routine.

The Plan

I decided that there are some main points that I wanted to hit with my schedule:

  1. The routine should give me enough time to sleep.
  2. The routine should plan for me going to every class, every week.
  3. The routine should carve out time every day for study and homework time.
  4. The routine should have me eating and working out at the same time every day for consistency.
  5. The routine should exhaust me throughout the day so I can go to bed feeling accomplished.

Daily Routines


  • Wake up at 9
  • Class at 10
  • Library until next class at 330
  • Class at 330
  • Dinner at 6
  • Gym from 730-9
  • Relax before bed at 1030


  • Wake up at 730
  • Class at 8
  • Class at 930
  • Lunch at 11
  • Gym at 1
  • Library from 3-6
  • Dinner at 7
  • Relax before bed at 1030


  • Wake up at 10
  • Gym from 11-1
  • Review of the week at 2 (look back to make sure you did everything/ met with everyone... take care of things need to be done prior to the weekend.)
  • Review classes from 3-5
  • Hangout with friends for weekend

Saturday is for the Boys


  • Wake up at 10
  • Church at 11
  • Then library from 1-4 or 430-8 depending on when the patriots game is.
  • Dinner with friends at 6
  • Bed by 11

Implementing the Routine

The routine I created above was a response to the time-management self study we did on our daily lives. I noticed deficiencies I had in many areas and then made a plan designed to help me get better where I am struggling.

First Week

This week is the first week I have implemented the routine and it has started out working great. I get all of my work done throughout the day so after I go to the gym I have a couple of hours to kick back and relax.

Second Week

The second week is when I really felt like I fell into my routine. Knowing what I was going to do everyday when I woke up in the morning helped me manage my stress and my studies. I go to bed tired and wake up refreshed and ready to go again.

Looking into the future

As the semester ends it is important to notice that our routines are about to change big time. Next semesters classes and workload are going to have to require an entirely new routine around them. Now that I have been set into my routine for a couple weeks I don't think it'll be hard to fall into another one for next semester.

To help myself ease into next semesters routine I am going to try and develop a soft routine over winter break and then reevaluate after the first two weeks of school. After some time has passed and I have a feel for what the semester is going to bring


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