Mt.Rushmore Created by:Trace Weidenbenner Pd.6

In this image you can see Theodore Roosevelt,Abraham Lincoln,Thomas Jefferson,and George Washington
Created By
Trace Weidenbenner


Created with images by Wolk9 - "mount rushmore usa monument" • ChrisMiller513 - "Mt. Rushmore Roosevelt" • ChrisMiller513 - "Mt. Rushmore Lincoln" • mrgsimon - "thomas jefferson president" • ConspiracyofHappiness - "Thomas Jefferson - Mt. Rushmore" • Chuck Siefke - "Mount Rushmore National Monument" • jdg32373 - "Mount Rushmore 7-24-2014-4" • Upsilon Andromedae - "Close enough!" • nick.amoscato - "Mount Rushmore National Memorial" • mhowry - "IMG_7920e"

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