The Future of Graduates in the World of Tech-based Corporations By Dania Akkawi and Nour fawzy

Seham Saber, academy director at Enterprise Consultancy Services (ECS) discussing how Systems, Applications and Products (SAP) Consultancy can help business and corporations in the Middle East. Photo by Nour Fawzy.

Students from the graduating classes of Management and Information Technology (MICT) listening to Seham Saber discuss the importance of being SAP certified for their future. Photo by Nour Fawzy.

“Education is a change in knowledge. Training is a change in skills. Development is a change for the future,” said Seham Saber, as she explained how SAP builds its educational standards for students. Photo by Nour Fawzy.

Students listening to Saber’s talk on the importance of being SAP certified for the job market. Photo by Nour Fawzy.

“I would like to tell you that SAP jobs or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Jobs, whether Oracle or anything, is a great value for all of you,” said Associate Professor of Business, Dr. Dina Rateb. Photo by Nour Fawzy.

The IT Forum: “Spark Your Passion for SAP” session was hosted at Mansour Hall on Oct. 29, 2017 at the American University in Cairo's (AUC) New Campus. The speaker, Seham Saber, academy director at Enterprise Consultancy Services (ECS), discussed how Systems, Applications and Products (SAP) provides services that help make a difference for partnered corporates and businesses in Egypt and across the Middle East.

Vice President of the Information Systems Association, a student-run organization on campus, Seif Mohamed Farag, defines SAP as,“an organization that makes programs, systems, or any information system-related software’s available for big organizations, such as banks, to ameliorate their business processes.”

This session was dedicated to students explaining why they should choose SAP as a career path and how the SAP certificate will help in the future for job opportunities. Saber elaborates by adding that, “the certificate shows that you are confident in the implementation of SAP because employers are encouraged to hire people who are consultant certified.”

Considering that SAP has recently become an authorized education partner, Saber believes that the creation of an academy within SAP will help students discover SAP consultancy through the Learning Hub and as a result have the capacity “to build the largest SAP community in the region by building a new generation that can serve Egypt and the Middle East.”

During the session, Saber explained how the progression of change will eventually impact the future by stating, “education is a change in knowledge, training is a change in skills and development is a change for the future.”

Graduating senior Omar Mourad was among the attendees and he enthusiastically expressed that the session was beneficial because, “I am very interested in consultancy and now I’ve found out that there is SAP consultancy. I asked the presenter and she told me that I can register for the courses.”

Those interested in SAP can access different types of educational services on its website such as SAP training courses, Learning Hub and certification.

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