Where I've Been To Penelope and Telemachus

Our final year of the Trojan war takes place in the city of troy. Where I am now going to be able to head home and be able to see my beloved wife and child, Penelope and Telemachus.
Due to a small misuse of the bag of air, me and my men have arrived upon the city of cicones. We decided to stay on this land for a little too long... The ranks of the cicones turn on us and attack, but luckily me and my men were able to escape with only losing 6 of my men per ship.
We have finally hit land after a nine day trip taking us by storm, literally. We decided to try some lotus fruit, which was a bad idea as it tricked us into wanting to stay and eat more of the fruit. Luckily thanks to my smart thinking, i was able to get my men on the ship and keep them in there so they couldn't have any more fruit.
Our long 10 year journey has been very difficult, especially when you come face to face with a very large and masculine cyclops that eats humans. After he had trapped us in his cave by putting a large boulder in front of the opening only movable by him, we had to escape by stabbing his eye and getting him to move the boulder where we made our escape with only losing a few men.
After escaping that one eyed beast we now arrive on the island of Aeolia. Where Aeolus, keeper of the winds rules the land. I have received a bag of winds to make our travels quicker, but right when we are about to make it home, one of my men opened the bag of winds sending us back to Aeolia and Aeolus refuses to help us a second time. So we had to row our way to Laestrygonians.
The Laestrygonians were pelting our ships with boulders sinking all but my ship with my men on it. We were just able to escape to Aeaea where Circe rules the land.
Circe has captured and drugged some of my men turning them into pigs, and as I go to rescue them I am visited by Hermes who tells me to eat a herb that will make me immune, then lunge at her with my sword to take her by surprise. I then force Circe to change my men back to their normal form. After staying there in luxury for a year me and my men leave for Hades so I may speak to Tiresias who will tell me how to get home.
Safely making it through the spirits of this place I am able to get the information I need to get back home to Ithaca.
I return to Aeaea where I bury Elphanor and spend the night before I make way back home.
Through a passage I encountered sirens, a sound that would sing a man's mind away. We were advised to steer wide and plug our ears with beeswax.
We faced charydbis that lurked deep in the sea. It would spew water up and sucked it back down creating a horrible whirlpool that took a few of my men.
Me and my men came into the den of Scylla, a huge monstrous and disgusting beast. She had 12 legs like tentacles and 6 heads upon her serpent like necks.
Me and my men traveled to the island of Thrinakia where cattles of sheep graze. These were the cattle of the sun god so I forbade my men to touch them.
In Phaeacia I am guided to the palace by a young women who I later find out is Athena in disguise. She puts a protective mist over me that protects me from the phaeacias.
After 10 years of battle I am finally back to my kingdom, Ithica. My wife penelope, and my child Telemachus will be reunited at last.


Created with images by xuuxuu - "corsica france nature" • ccarlstead - "Troy Walls" • www.rubenholthuijsen.nl - "Mountains" • Andrewkim - "lotus nature plants" • Albion Europe ApS - "Albion Europe Photo Contest 2012 High res" • D-Stanley - "Admiralty Islands" • apasciuto - "Ocean" • illustir - "Mountain" • Dan Zen - "Fire!" • illustir - "Mountains" • illustir - "Mountain" • www.metaphoricalplatypus.com - "Ocean" • Tim Sheerman-Chase - "CIMG2539 Under the Stern of the Scylla" • Julia Velkova - "Islands" • Julia Velkova - "Islands" • fabrizio-russo - "5500 - Fori Imperiali"

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