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Habit of Mind Used: Engagement

Over the course of the last three weeks in class we have moved more heavily into Minecraft. We began the creation of the Minecraft Technical Manual as well as our Visual Rhetorical Analysis. The Minecraft Technical Manual is very important because the class shares the grade received. This is why it is important to be engaged in the creation and work done on the manual.

Each student had the choice to work on either the Technical Manual or Rhetorical Analysis first. Those who chose the technical manual signed up for different topics to write about. This included a short description of the topic as well as multiple pictures for examples and a video. Everyone became engaged in the assignment through this method allowing us as a class to finish it within the time limit.

The article What are the Benefits of Group Work? explains the positive outcomes of group work. These include learning to complete tasks in parts, time management, communicating with others, and more. Engagement is another benefit from group work. The previously stated benefits allow engagement to occur naturally and effectively.

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