A Trip to Grandma's Attic Evanston

Last Sunday, I walked by an Antique Store and was attracted by its appearance so I decided to take a look inside.

What surprises me is that it is very different from my past impression of an antique store. It is not like a boutique, a gallery or antique store that sells many eccentric items.

Having a 45 year of history, this antique store is unique because it has all kinds of things that the dealer valued personally.

The dealer is an 80 ish grandma who loves history, especially appreciate things that have special stories for ages.

When she was young, she travels a lot. She brought many antiques from different countries all around the world to make a collection and display them in her store.

More interestingly, some of the clothing and accessories in store are ones that she wore in her early age.

However, since the grandma is getting older, it is not convenient for her to travel anymore. Many of her friends will now bring some valuable collections for her when they are out of country. And she even mentioned that most of them are flight attendants.

These colorful dinnerwares, bird-feather antique paintings, and jewelries were all sent by the grandma’s friends hoping her to stay beautiful and young as always.

Every object tells a story and by looking around this antique store is like me watching a play of the grandma's life story.

Created By
Melody Chang

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