The Hunger Games By: andrew plybon

The movie visualized the book very well. The author of the book showed you with words what it was going to look like. The director of the movie did an amazing job. Like this in the book it is describing how it felt to be in the fire during the games; “The heat is horrible, but worse than the heat is the smoke, which threatens to suffocate me at any moment. I pull the top of my shirt up over my nose, grateful to find it soaked in sweat, and it offers a thin veil of protection. And I run, choking, my bag banging against my back, my face cut with branches that materialize from the gray haze without warning, because I know I am supposed to run." Now in the Movie it makes the words appear.

The director did not keep everything right in the book the Mockingjay pin was given by the Majors daughter as the token of the district she came in but, in the movie it does not even come from the majors daughter. It came from Prim Katniss's sister. Katniss actually bought it herself at the HOB. This was a very important thing in the book symbolizing that district 12 was behind her every step of the way. If I was the director I would not have given a big part of the book away.

The next thing is I like how the book and movie are so closely related. I would say that when you read the book you imagine something like the movie to be there. The director did a wonderful job adding all the little details in even the details in the peoples cloths from the different districts. In the movie you can tell all the people at the reaping are miners. This makes you feel more sad for district 12 when you physically see the cloths the people are wearing from the mine. This also makes you see how district 12 is so much different than the capital.

Last but not least is we are going to end off with a big part in why the movie is not as good with the book. The book gives you background information that the movie does not. In the book you really get the feeling of how every one is a little uncomfortable about helping out with the games or being in it. The only one who you feel that from in the movie is Katniss. This makes the movie a little bit worse because it makes some of the people look like very bad people.

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