Arithmetic Sequence By Rachael E

-Patterns Are Everywhere-

Patterns are very common, they are basically everywhere especially in nature and other things like clothing, animal skins, and other random items. For example here are some patterns down below in everyday things.

Animal Patterns
Fabric Patterns
Things with patterns

How to put Patterns Into Math Using The Formula Below

A1 = The first Term and D = common difference
Try it yourself !

From Looking at The Examples Try it Yourself

use formula and pattern below

A1 = The first Term and D = common difference
The common difference is 2
How to Make sure You did it right

Now to Make Sense of It

using the formula shown these are the steps you need to do to complete it.

an= ( ) - D x (n - 1 )

This is a Example What It Should look Like when Solving The Formula

A1 = 1 + 2

A2 = 1 + 2(2)

My Conclusions




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