Sweden Miranda Wilson

This is Kebnekasie and it is fun to hike up. This mountain helps people that sell gear to hike. It can also attract people witch is a good way to earn money.

This is the Royal Palace and it was made to protect the people in battle.

This is a map of Sweden and it is in the arctic circle. They are right beside Norway and Finland.

Sweden's flag is on top of meatballs. Swedish people love meat so they have it a lot.

This is Sweden religion. The Swedish person celebrates Christmas,Easter,Midsummer,New Years,Halloween, and many more but I just name the ones we know to. There is also National Sweden Day.

This is the dance in Sweden.The clothes are long to keep them warm.

The sports in Sweden is football (soccer), handball, basketball, American football as well as Frisbee, bandy, and Ice hockey there are series, divisions and qualification games.

They have been present in the chance to get the world cup 11 out of 20 times by 2014.

This is King Carl XVI Gustav and he ruled in 1976 until the current day. He is married to Queen Silvia. Sweden is a monarchy.

This is Sweden outfit and what they wear. In this picture they are ready for National Sweden Day witch is on June 6th.

There language of Sweden is called Swedish.

This is a street in Sweden. The path is used for bikes and people.

This is a picture of the Norwegian-Swedish war. The Swedish people won. They broke apart. This war started in June 26, 1814-August 14, 1814.

This is Peter Forsberg a professional ice hockey player. He was in the (NHL) or National Hockey League for 13 years. Now he is retired. Peter is born in Ornskoldsvik, Sweden

This is Peter Stormare. He is a actor, voice actor, theater director, playwright, and musician. He is a well know man. Peter was born in Kumla, Sweden.

This is dynamite and this was invented in Sweden and so was the zipper.

This is King Gustav the 1st. It was the 16th century when he founded Sweden.

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