George Washington Enhancing America

Why George Washington is a good leader for us

Washington will be a good leader for us because he has been a leader for the continental army and fought in the revolutionary war for our freedom. He was also part of the group that signed the Constitution. Instead of him becoming a war hero and retiring he went on to become president to keep the U.S. together and grow bigger.

Why his cabinet is experienced and what will they do to help the country

Henry Knox, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and Edmund Randolph are the men in Washington's cabinet. They will help the country by managing the army and government money, working with other countries, and advising the government on legal matters. The members of the cabinet were all experienced with politics and wanted to make help the country by making America stronger and succeed.

Why will Jefferson and Hamilton be great cabinet picks

Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton will be great cabinet picks because they both like to get things done even though they are extremely different. Alexander Hamilton thinks the U.S. should have a strong central government and to improve the nation's finances is to pay off debts. Thomas Jefferson wants to move the capital from New York to D.C. He is also a likable and was put in charge of working with other countries.

Thomas Jefferson

Why the elastic clause is vital for the country

The Elastic Clause is part of the Constitution that gives Congress the authority to do whatever "is necessary and proper" to carry out specific powers. Without it the constitution and the Bill of Rights would not be enforced by Congress. The authority carry out the powers is vital to ensure that the laws are being followed.

How will washington and Hamilton get us out of debt

Washington and Hamilton will get us out of debt by first paying off all the war debt, then raising government revenues, and finally creating a national bank.

Alexander Hamilton

why is D.C. a good place for the capital of the U.S.

D.C. is a good place for the capital of the U.S because it is in the middle of the original thirteen states. The south is based on agriculture and the north is based on business so there are many disagreements but being in the middle can be used to solve disagreements easily.


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