Child labor By: cesar rodriguez

Child labor

Craig kielburger

The power of one --- yes, one person can make a difference in the world. Small differences can mark the beginning of substantial change.

At the age of 12, Craig Kielburger organized his friends and classmates in Thornhills, Ontario, Canada, a suburb of Toronto, in 1996, to form a organization called Free The Children, an international network of children aimed at eradicating child slave labor around the world. Most people in his country did not know that there were child slaves in the world today.

This poor boy is cleaning this guy shoe instead the guy should clean the dogs shoes.


Is the worst kind of slavery.

Laws after

As the country develops economically, people are becoming increasingly aware of the problem. Tackling child labor in India has been I a priority for nearly 25 years – ever since the first government program, the National Child Labour Projects (NCLP) at the end of the 1980s. Pay went up to.

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