The Englisher By beverly lewis

Author Bio

Beverly Lewis was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She started writing short stories and poetry at the age of nine. Beverly waited until her kids were in middle school before she sought to publish her work. One of her well known books was The Shunning, which is in The Heritage of Lancaster Trilogy. The Shunning was later turned into a movie. She started writing about plain people because of her maternal grandmother who left the Old Order Mennonites to marry a bible college student. Lewis has written over 80 books for the young and old. Most of them have been award-winning. Lewis was previously a schoolteacher.

Genre, Theme, Setting

The Englisher is a christian fiction genre based in small town Paradise, Pennsylvania . It is set in present day. The theme is about a Amish girl who is struggling to join her church and keep her promise to her father.

Plot Summary

Annie is Amish. Her father and mother expect her to join the church. Annie finds herself trapped between joining the church and turning english when she meets a guy named Ben. Will she make the right choice?


Annie is a preacher's daughter. She is very creative and has her own ways unlike her community. Annie is always going against her community orders. If it isn't painting it's other things.

Annie's is courting Ben an Englisher. He is from Kentucky. Ben loves to find out things about plain life from Annie. He is very sweet and cares deeply for Annie.

Louisa is Annie's pen pal from Colorado who comes and visits. Louisa like Annie is very artistic. She likes living the plain life while she stays with Annie. She tries to help Annie stick to her promise with her father.

Esther is Annie's best friend. She is Amish just like Annie. Esther finds herself in a mess. Annie is always there for Esther. She is a very strong woman.

Jesse is Annie's father. He is a preacher. Jesse is really strict in his belief. He is tough on his only daughter and pushes her to join the church.

Main conflict

The main conflict is that Annie is trying to keep her promise to her father about joining the church. However, she starts courting Ben. They are able to make it work until something happens. She fights the urge to draw. Her family expect her to join the church, but can she do what her family expects?

Book Evaluation

I loved it! Once I started reading, it was like I couldn't put it down. Three words to describe is intriguing, simple, and brave. Annie was very brave because she went against her people knowing that she could be shunned. It's also simple because the Amish live the plain life. Beverly Lewis really knows how to get you hooked into a book. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to learn about Amish and enjoys reading Christian fiction books.


"Put aside your sin and give obedience a chance he'd told her." (2) -This is what Jesse told Annie when they were making their promise. Beverly Lewis is showing us that Annie is not very obedient to her community.

Vocabulary words

Shun- being avoided or rejected.

Daadi Haus- grandfather's house.

Denki- thank you.

Jah- yes or yeah.


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