Juan Ponce De León By Grace S.

Juan Ponce de León was born in 1460 in Santeveras, Spain.

He was a solider before he was an explorer.

Juan Ponce de León did it because he was searching for gold, and to claim more land for his country.

The people who sponsered him were the Spanish Crown.

Juan Ponce de León went to the Americas in search of new land, and riches, he heard from a man in a village about the fountain of youth to make people eternaly young.

Juan Ponce de León thought that he had landed on a forein island, not the coast of North America, he named it Florida. Not only because it was arround the time of Easter, (Pascua Florida in Spanish,) but also because of the region's lush, and florid vegatation. He claimed much land for his country, but killed many American Indians. He died in July 1521. As he returned to Florida in Feburary of 1521, a few months later he died from to little blood. He had been shot in the thigh from a group of American Indians by an arrow, the men he brought sailed him back to Spain where he died.

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