Elk by ben guerra

The elk is found in the Taiga. The Taiga is found in Europe, North America, Asia, and along the border of the Arctic tundra.

The elk is a mammal. It has many colors of fur like light brown, dark brown, white, and tan. They are 4 and a half feet to 5 and a half feet tall. They weigh about 700pounds-1000 pounds. All elk have brown eyes. The elk is related to the Indian Hog Deer, Water Deer, moose, and other deer.

The elk is an herbivore and only eats plants, fruit, needles, sticics, and grains. The elk has a strange way of eating. The elks swallows the food whole. The food is passed to the first stomach. Next, it is passed to the second stomach. The food is softened and turned into balls call cud, then it is swallowed and digested in the third and fourth stomachs.

Elk live near rivers, forests, and mountains. They live on some mountains and National Parks. They also live in forests. They live in the forests so they can blend in to the trees. Elk live in packs so that they won’t lose each other.

Elk have adapted to the snow. They have split hooves to help them walk in the snow. The elk have antlers to help them fight off enemies. They have six sharp teeth on the bottom jaw to help grind up food.

Elk have many enemies including wolves, fishers, lynxes, foxes, wolverines, and humans. They protect against enemies by charging at them with their antlers.

The Native Americans used the elk body parts for a lot of things. This includes weapons, clothing, and candles. The elk migrate to where they can find food. The bulls, Mail Elks, shed their antlers each year. The elk is a big part of the deer family. They’re important part of our world.



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