Motet is proud to welcome Plinius Audio


Motet is pleased to announce that it now distributes PLINIUS in Canada – a brand known worldwide for powerful amplifiers that shoot “straight for the heart”.

Lily Luo, CEO of Motet Distribution, is convinced that PLINIUS - with a reputation for crafting high-end power amplifiers - provides retailers with audio components that offer impressive brand recognition and deliver high end performance without excessive cost.

“Pride of ownership, says Lily, is a key reason why people buy a particular brand and PLINIUS has the cachet”. Lily also believes PLINIUS is a relevant brand for today’s music bandwidth needs and will be a competitive asset for retailers with a sophisticated clientèle.
“ We believe that Canada has a very good appreciation of fine high-end audio equipment. Plinius has a long tradition of building world-class amplifiers that deliver powerful, pure sound, are built to last combined with stylish aesthetics resulting in the ultimate in design sophistication to match this niche in the market. We are looking forward to the introduction of new additional products in the near future to complement our existing range and we are extremely pleased that Lily and her team at Motet Distribution will be the driving force as the new distributor of Plinius Audio in Canada. ”

Spearheading the Canadian introduction will be the 200 watt Hautonga, a class A/B solid state integrated amplifier including an impressive MM phono preamp (retail price $7,500). The two PLINIUS phono pre amps with MM/MC - the P-100 $2,650 and the Koru $5,500 - will also be available.

The three PLINIUS products will be featured at the upcoming Toronto Audiofest, so make sure you visit the DIXON room for an initial impression.

Motet Distribution offers programs specific to retailers who commit to the PLINIUS brand. For example, hosting a PLINIUS event, social media plan/contents development and of course, direct hands-on sales and product support.