Good Life Tour of the Harn By: Hannah Hallman

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

In order to create this piece of art, the artist used many brush strokes. This created dimension and texture on the surface of the painting. The texture added causes the image to look a little more distorted than if the painting was smooth. The view point is captured from above, making the viewer feel as though he or she is looking down on the city and the people within it. The distortion creates a sense of ambiguity, adding an air of mystery to the city below.

Design of the Museum

I found this wing of the museum particularly appealing because of its simplicity. The wood floors and paint color compliment one another nicely and the dark finish of the baseboards and benches create contrast. All of the frames match and all of the art is created using subdued colors, adding to the simplicity of the room. This simplicity creates a calming effect, which is most likely why I liked it so much. Each piece of artwork contained minute details, which were indistinguishable from far away; this added to the simplicity because as a whole the collection of artwork appeared neat and clean.

Art and Core Values

This piece of artwork depicts a less economically developed country and the buildings pictured appeared to be extremely disheveled and worn down. Personally, it reminded my of a town I visited in Ensenada, Mexico. The building design and poor infrastructure of Ensenada resemble those pictured in the piece of art. When I was in Ensenada, I built homes for families in need, and ultimately discovered my desire to help others. Acts of community service embody a core value that I hold dearly. My dream is to work as a pediatrician and two months out of the year take time off and travel to third world countries on medical mission trips. This artist was able to capture and exemplify the reason why I want to do this.

Art and the Good Life

Everybody has a different definition of what he or she perceives as the ideal life. This definition plays a pivotal role in how the individual views art and how their ideals are manifested. Personally, my vision of happiness involves a family, a beautiful quaint home, and a library within the home. The photographs above my head encompasses this idea perfectly. In the photograph there is a woman with a child and she is surrounded by books in a crisp, simplistic room. Not only does this capture my home decorating style, but it also captures my desire to be a mother.

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