STAr wars: A Gummy story By KeNdAlL N

It was 1989 on the planet of Dagobah. Chewbacca and Han Solo were being chased by gummy bears in tie fighters, but let's not get too far into this story. Only ten minutes ago they were at a fueling station in tatooine, But now the falcon was out in deep space getting chased by hundreds of tie fighters . Han and chewy rushed off towards the planet hoth.
WIth the tie fighters trailing closely behind they did multiple spin moves to try and shake them but the gummy bears were to good. Han and Chewy jumped out of the millennium falcon and parachuted down to hoth. The gummy bears followed Han and Chewie's actions by parachuting down, Han and Chewy managed to shoot multiple gummy bears down but there were still at least thirty left.
Han and chewy made a run for it spraying shots at the gummy bears. The soon were safe in an ice cave. Hoping the gummy bears would not find them, But all of a sudden there was a stampede of gummy bears chasing them. Han and chewy looked at each other and then sprayed every last gummy bear down to the ground.
There were two landed tie fighters which they hopped in and flew out. But of course they had to blow up the ice cave and obliterate every last gummy bear. Han checks the rearview mirror and screams!
Darth Gummy was directly behind them in a modded out pink tie fighter. “ BANG, PRGGGGGGG, BANG BANG, BOOOOOOOM!!!!!” They were getting hit and hit and hit and they were out of gas. They put on jetpacks and jetted out of the millennium falcon and managed to shoot Darth gummy to death.
They had given the whole galaxy freedom. They jetpacked back to dagobah and lived there for a couple weeks. But on a cold, rainy day there was One billion nuclear bombs dropped on them. They were all obliterated.
Then out of nowhere all of the Power Rangers flew out of the ground! But then they all choked to death on leaves. The Teenage mutant ninja turtles had been in the area and rushed to the scene. Then Batman and Robin drove in with the Batmobile. They started fighting. Then they all died from exhaustion after fighting for four days straight. None of them were ever seen again.

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