The story of a rich one BY: SYDNEY KNIGHT

When I was born, I was a trillionaire. When I turned two, I found out that I could do whatever I want. My parents were famous, my mom was a famous actress/dancer and my dad was a rapper. I got whatever I want when I want. I got to go to my friend’s house without permission and without my twin. My name was Kate Hudson and my sister’s name was Jayda Hudson. I did not hang out with my friend’s as much as I hung out with Jayda. We played video games and we got along . My best friend’s name was Alicia Hardrick she was cool.

I passed middle school and high school now it was time to go to college. The second year of college was bad because my parents died so I had to miss a week of school. When I got back they put piles of work on my desk luckily they gave me 1 ½ months to do it. After I was done with my first semester I had all A’s. The second semester I had all B’s. After 8 years, I got a bachelor’s degree and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M). After a couple of months I got married to Kevin Thompson and had 4 kids.

I became a veterinarian a year later I had a lot of fun working. 5-8 years later, I became the boss and earned $19,888, 000.1 mill a week. I got along with my employees and my boss. Every 2 weeks I paid the employees $190,500 and the manger $2.5 mill. When I got back home from work, I got a letter in the mail saying, “your mother has passed all her money down to you. Your sister got all your father’s money. Take this to remember your parents and you could if you want to pass this on to your kid’s before you die.” Love, mom.

I died at the age 101; I lived a long healthy life. I was gifted with a museum of Kate Hudson and a statue of me made out of Gold. Even though I was rich when I was born, I learned to control spending my money. Every year I got $1,573,265.2 and when I ever I was paid I put $10.5 mill in a safe for my kids tuition. I had four kids named Paris, Diamond, Jordan, and Jessica Thompson. When I died, I split my money, which was $4,972,000.025 each with my kids. Kevin split his money too, and each kid got $30.1 mill.

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