Transitions Change Is inevitable

No matter how often we move, it never gets easier. Moving from one's home to an assisted living facility will be even harder. A new environment to navigate. So many emotions from the grief of losing the past to the anxiety of facing an unknown future.

Your family will tell you that the move is "good" for you. But in your heart, you disagree. They don't understand that having to go from your home to an "assisted living" home is one more loss in a string of losses.

Loss is inevitable with age. One loses friends and loved ones. But there are also the personal losses. The body is no longer able to do things that one did in the past. Ears don't hear the subtle notes of a favourite song. Eyes no longer read the page of a treasured book. All of these losses accumulate, and the idea of losing the independence of one's own home can be overwhelming.

Rest assured moving to an assisted living home does not mean you will lose your independence. Residents have rights. Make sure you know what they are. This knowledge is the first step in making the transition easier.

Think of your assisted living residence like an apartment with benefits. You will have dedicated staff available to make living a little easier, and as a result, you can enjoy your time as you see fit.

As you embark on the next chapter of your journey take steps to make the road smoother; research assisted living facilities in your area. Talk to the residents living there to discover what it is like to live in the residence. Go for lunch to find how good the meals are. Check out the activity calendar and attend a few you find interesting.

No one likes moving so make sure your move to an assisted living residence is a good fit for you.

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