THE BEST OF WOMENS FASHION A review of the top fashion trends in 2016. This information has been curated from seventeen magazine.

by Devon Collins

Fashion continues to evolve throughout the years. We bring old trends back, while innovating new ones. But one thing is for sure, the year 2016 was a year in fashion to remember.

A look at fashion throughout the decades. This photo was taken from IOCAS on

Magazines and fashion websites are constantly force feeding you all of the latest and greatest in fashion. However, it is up to us to decide what trends we like.

Take a look at the top fashion trends of the year 2016 and decide for yourself which looks should be carried into 2017.


Serayah McNeill wearing an off shoulder look in 2016.

Bare shoulders are a trend that became "in" during the summer of 2016, but maintained its popularity throughout the winter. McNeill has been seen rocking this look in an orange and yellow one piece. According to google, searches for this trend increased by 238% during this year.


Yara Shahid rocking a metallic green Bomber.

A unique way to top off an outfit is with a Bomber Jacket. Yara Shadid is shown in the photo above throwing a metallic green Bomber overtop of a simple jean skirt. This adds a cool tone to a rather simple outfit.

Bomber Jackets were not only trendy for women in 2016, but also for men. Click the video below to find out fun ways to style these jackets for men.


Bella Hadid wears a diamond choker to add to her black blazer.

A choker is a necklace that wraps tightly around your neck and it can be seen in a variety of styles.

Hadid is taking a classy twist to the more common black choker. This brings class to a simple look, but if you're not wanting to wear a diamond choker, there are simple alternatives available.

Click the button below to find out ways to add chokers to your style.


Keke Palmer wears a rose embroidered white cap with her jean jacket button up.

Baseball Caps are a trend that have carried into 2017. Specifically, hats with rose embroidery on them have been an uproar in the fashion industry.

Although this trend has seemed to only come back in the year 2016, celebs have been rocking this look for years on the red carpet.


Taylor Swift rocking red velvet knee high boots.

Knee high boots took the world by storm during 2016. This all-year-round look was inspired by Taylor Swifts shimmering red velvet boots.

Swift glams-up her subtle look by adding velvet on velvet. This look is gorgeous in the summer with shorts or a skirt, but can also be worn in the winter with jeans.

Below is a timeline that shows the history of fashion from 1969 until 2014.


Zendaya wearing a velvet two piece.

Zendaya express' that she never wants the velvet trend to die out and she's not the only one. In 2016, velvet was in high demand.

Velvet can give your outfit a textured look. Whether it is a velvet top with jeans or a two piece matching velvet set tied together with a double wrap necklace, as Zendaya has shown above. This simple twist on a classic look is here to stay.

As shown by the stylings of Zendaya, the fashion world is full of innovation. Take a look at the future of ethical fashion and how it can be made better:


Hailee Stienfeld strutting her stuff in classic Adidas trackers.

This comfortable classic is now being made into a slim-fitting style to break the stigma that Track Pants should only be worn at home.

Stienfeld shows off her Adidas trackers matched with a black top and some sunglasses. This outfit is simple, yet stylish, and easy to put together.

Find new and exciting ways to style jogging pants in the video below.


Chloƫ Grace Moretz shows off her legs in a classy Slip Dress.

This classic style is an innovation on the 1996 look. Mortez matches this lacy black dress with some slim strap heels and a black choker.

This outfit can be styled for the summertime in lighter colours and easily changeable materials for beach days, or it can be worn as Mortez does, at classy events like the red carpet.

Below are some more dresses that have made a big splash in the 2016 fashion world and shows which looks will work best with your body type.


Selena Gomez wearing a slim fitting orange Jumpsuit.

Jumpsuits have been popular for many years. Most common amongst business women in the winter and made with a lighter material for outings in the summer.

It is a easy outfit to put together and pair with cute accessories. This easy alternative for a dress can be matched with high heels or flats, a cute clutch or purse, and jewelry to give it depth.

This style is perfect for important occasions and times where you want to stand out. For example, this outfit would make you pop when going back to school. To find out what your ideal back to school outfit would be, take the quiz below.


Rowan Blanchard is wearing a plain jean jacket pull over with some pins to add some colour.

This trendy look is an innovation from the 70's. You can add pins and patches to an outfit to bring out its colour, add narrative, and show a bit of your interests in your look.

By personalizing your look you're making it unique, but adding colour at the same time. Blanchard added to her striped outfit with a plain cover up and by adding an array of personalized pins.

You can purchase jean jackets with Pins and Patches already attached to them or you can easily buy the two separately if you're going for a more personalized look.

Pins can be used on bags to add colour and style to a plain design.


Bella Thorne wears a comfy, yet classy Bralette under a leather pull over.

Barrettes have been a more revealing addition to the world of fashion. Thorne wears a classic black on black ensemble and a black Bralette with golden chains falling around her waist and her neck.

This look has earned its keep and carried its way into 2017. The style can be worn as a shirt with a sweater or jacket on top and it also looks great underneath a see-through long sleeve or short sleeve.

You can find more ways to compliment a Bralette in an outfit through blogging websites such as Instagram. Use the button below to read different fashion blogs from all around the world.


Ariel Winter took this look to another level by wearing this sleeveless low cut Lace-Up with some printed shoes.

Lace-Ups were one of the final fashion successes in 2016. This trend caught on quickly and is still making its way into 2017.

This look can be featured on dresses, t-shirts, and long sleeves. These are the three most common ways that Lace-Ups are seen, but there are many other ways to incorporate it into your look.

To check out the different ways you can add lace to your style, click the button below.

The year 2016 was full of innovations from the past decade. It was also full of successful creations that will continue well into 2017.

If you like the styles that you've seen here, there are easy ways to fit them into your wardrobe on a low budget. Find more trendy, stylish, and affordable looks at websites like the one below.


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