Average salary cap growth in 15 years. By julien

The salary cap of a team is the money that it can spend for find players and sign some contracts with them.

We had to find a project with 15 data points about subject that we like. I choose the NBA rejects salary cap.

After we had to put the data points on Desmos for make the first part of the graph

After that we had to divide the 15 data points in three groups, in this case the blue one, the green one and the black one

We had to add all the line of best fit for each color group these are my calcul for find the y intercept :

After that we had to make the line of best fit of all the graph this is the calcule for find it.

Finally with this line we had to predict in 50 and 95 years how much money could spend one team for the player. These are my results: 156,945M for the fifty and 205,815M for the ninety-five years.

Created By
Julien Bourlard

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