ZAMUKA The Rwandan Reality TV Show


  • Historically one of the most densely populated countries in Africa with 85% Hutu population over 15% Tutsi
  • In 1994, the president of Burundi and the President of Rwanda's plane was shot down, presumably by Hutu extremists, sparking an all out genocide
  • 800,000 people, mainly Tutsis, killed in three month conflict
  • About 70,000 refugees fled to neighboring countries
  • Lack of international attention to the event when it was happening and in close aftermath
  • As of now, issue of ethnic tension is still not fully solved
population declines, but quickly rises after genocide--resulting in increasingly young population

Let's Do It (Zamuka)

  • Rwanda's first reality TV show featuring 3 contestants testing out entrepreneurial ideas in front of judges through series of challenges for eventual grand prize
  • TARGET AUDIENCE: Youth (18-34), specifically college students
  • GOALS: Promote job opportunities and excitement about jobs outside of agricultural sector
  • Generate discussion about conflict and opportunity between youth on different sides of the border
  • Encourage journalists to mirror "outcome-intentional" programming


very Effective programming with unfortunately low viewership
  • LOW VIEWERSHIP: Only 15% of those surveyed had heard of it before
  • More men than women; however not a huge difference
  • The higher the level of education, the more likely a person was to have seen it or been aware of it--35% of people had heard of it within the highest education level
  • HIGH RETENTION: Over 90% of viewers identified it key messages of economic equality and strengthened border relations
  • 96% were satisfied with it, and 70% of viewers said they watched it consistently
  • About 60% said it was "culturally relevant"

I used to be a small farmer and I decided to sell my goat and received 25000 Rwf and started buying goats and sells them back and started earning profits and this helped in improving my living standards and later moved to cows and now where I am, I am thankful.... --Anonymous Viewer


  • Issues of economic disparity and equality among districts must be solved before TV shows effectively promotes entrepreneurship
  • More seasons and more channels
  • Too small of a contestant pool
  • No real focus on bringing this to journalists/other TV shows
  • Ineffective measurement of whether or not viewers felt inspired or whether or not they felt ready to pursue a career in something aside from agriculture


  • Rehuminization
  • Ethical Foreign Policy
  • 2 Way Symmetrical Model
  • Media Interventions = low cost
  • Limited Exception Principle


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