W/C 13/03/17

Wednesday 15th -

Today Jamie had decided on changing the name of the continent and game again now he wants to call it Rollgaria, this may have happened because Jamie may have misunderstood what i had said to him. However i don't mind because the name of the game doesn't interest me as much as trying to make the game work and playable for people to play. I have also been testing out my default character to make sure everything is working alright before i put my character in, because variables need to be changed for my game. So now everything should be fine for when i place in my character which will, possibly, be tomorrow.

Thursday 16th-

Today i added some of the basic animations of the character into unreal to get a sense of the scale of the environment surrounding it, and make sure everything is to scale. Jamie has started making the attack animation, for the main character. I'm worried though in case i can't make an attack function for my character as im not sure i can do this yet so im going to have to look into doing this. While he is still making the rest of the basic animations i will be editing the characters variables for measurements that match the characters size. It works really well as i have now changed the variables and now my character is jumping to scale with his size and he is walking in sync with his animation.

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