Red Orchestra

the Red Orchestra resistance group

The greatest group of them all.

Leaders of group

Harro Schulze-Boysen
Arvid Harnack
Mildred Harnack

The red orchestra was a anti nazi group in Berlin also in soviet espionage rings and they worked in Europe and Switzerland. The name red orchestra came from there opponents the nazi police. Also each person in red orchestra has musical talent which would help keep them hidden.

The red orchestra three different units and the side of the one main group each unit pretty huge part in the war of each unit had a different mission in the war there was the Treppper Unit, Red three, and the Schulze-boysen/Harnack group. The Trepper unit was in Germany, France, Belgium, the Red three was in Switzerland, and the Schulze-boysen/Harnack group was in Berlin.

Above is probably a trepper unit recording new information

The red orchestra Played a huge part in the war the German security forces were so concerned about this group that they even got three Nazi army's and work together to try and stop them. Every group in the red orchestra was really successful. The trepper unit was the most successful with the most recorded information they knew every intelligence the nazis had, they found out the designs of new tanks where they were going to deploy the nazi troops, the troops were arrested but miraculously survived.

The leader and founder of the trepper unit (Leopold trepper)

This was one of the most important resistance groups in the whole war, they played one of the greatest parts and received the most information but one of their failures was there a group was getting so big the Nazis found out and Captured them, but it was fine because right before they were captured the group gave all of their information and into to the US Embassy, from there was sent to other resistance groups.

The man who lead all the groups of the Red orchestra.

If the red orchestra would not have gotten involved many other groups would not have some intelligence and many nazi plans would not have been sabotaged.


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