Flooding caused by global warm Flooding increase meaning more damage By Matthew Fleming


emissions- The process to release something mostly gasses

Saltwater intrusion- When salt water leaks into fresh water wells and pollutes them making the water in them un-potable

denialists- Someone who rejects facts and info it comes from the word denialism which means to not believe facts and info

historically-recorded data that has a pattern or some kind

aquifers- a place where fresh water gathers can be polluted or get contaminated with salt water usually underground

blindfolded- to not see what is going on with a specific event and being told otherwise.

tide- the rising of the ocean onto land usually only cover a small amount of land but can cover whole cities

municipalities- a city that has a formed govement

What is the causing the flooding?

When carbon emissions get burned into the atmosphere the gets filled with gasses that block heat from escaping meaning the earth starts to heat up. As the planet warms from climate change more rains fall. With this info we can determine that flooding is happening more and more due to the increase of rain flooding causes thousands of dollars in damages. As the Union of concerned scientists state “Recent heavy rains and flooding in the Northeast, Midwest, and Great Plains are consistent with a warming planet, and such events are expected to become more common over time”. Flooding is also occurring due to the melting of the polar icecaps. This is stated in a video from the union of concerned science ”Hotter temperatures are melting glaciers into the sea”. This causes the water to rise and flood the earth. An article by the national wildlife federation also says In the Midwest and Northeast, big storms that historically would only be seen once every 20 years are projected to happen as much as every 4 to 6 years by the end of the 21st century. This is showing the increase in rain. With storms showing up more often meaning they are less predictable as they are showing up more often. This is causing tons of damage.

What type of damage is this causing?

Most people are worried about property damage related to flooding,but salt water intrusion is also a big deal. Salt water intrusion isn’t seen as a big deal By most but it causes problems to fresh water wells as described by the Unites States Geological Survey, 2007. “Saltwater intrusion, decreases freshwater storage in the aquifers, and, in extreme cases, can result in the abandonment of supply wells.” Water is important to everyone but not as important as property which also gets affected from flooding, as stated in the Union of Concerned Scientist’s video “any car on that are here we'll be flooded, destroyed.”to recap flooding is causing issues to both the natural world and the property of all the citizens who live on the coast. This Flooding is happening everywhere.

Where is this effecting?

Most people only think about flooding being coastal but that isn’t the case as flooding can happen anywhere. Places like the midwest have been experiencing drastic increase in rainfall as stated from the United states environmental protection agency ”Across most of the United States the heavier rainfall events have become more intense and frequent,especially in the midwest and northeast”. The national climate assessment also says precipitation has increased 30% compared to the 1901-1960 average in the midwest northeast and upper great plains. Rainfall isn't the only thing to worry about. As the polar icecaps melt the tide increases on the coast. As the Union of concerned scientists state in their video Tidal Flooding and Sea Level Rise “from miami to new york, norfolk to the jersey shore”. In total Flooding can happen just about anywhere not just from the sea but from rainfall which has been increasing throughout the years. The solution to the problem is simple.

How can we fix these problems with flooding and climate change?

With this we have to take immediate action to slow our carbon emissions and other burning of fossil fuels.some don’t believe climate change is the reason as Adrian Pearson said in his article Global warming's no dry issue “Another 59% said the floods were just an unpredictable example of bad weather”. We all have to figure out whether climate change is or isn’t the reason before we can solve this issue as we need everyone on board to stop the issue. We should continue to slow emissions as the union of concerned science says “Regardless of what action we take to cut emissions, municipalities that are vulnerable to heavy precipitation events should plan for more flooding. Any efforts to reduce emissions would make it easier for them to adapt”. We should plan to set up flood defense in cities until we have solved the problem. The Government is very active in the UK

What does the government think of this problem

The UK is taking the 1st steps to a world without worries about climate change, but with people from the US blindfolded from the facts of climate change as Paul Bledsoe From the LA Times “One reason for their apparent immunity is that climate denialists exaggerate the economic costs of laws that aim to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile, advocates of effective climate policies have lacked hard numbers on the current and future economic toll of global warming” This is different from the UK as they have an open mind to facts and have put some bills into place like the climate change bill as Kelly Fenn A writer of preventclimatechange.com describes “The climate change bill sets out the framework for the UK's long-term policy on climate change and in particular CO2 emissions. The government has agreed to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 60% by 2050”.


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