Florida☀️🏖 Mathilde Boisseau


There are 20,612,439 people living in Florida. It's 121 people per square kilometre.


Florida is the warmest state in USA with a daily temperature of 21.5°C. In summer, temperatures are approximately around 32-34°C. In winter, it's more like 4-7°C, but sometimes, it can reach 16°C.


The most common languages in Florida are English, Spanish and Haïtien Creole


Walt Disney World🎢
Walt Disney World is the attraction park the most visited in the world. Approximatively 52 million people go there each year. There are a lot of hotels there and four theme parks, two water parks, several golf courses, a camping resort, and other entertainment venues. It was created by two brothers, Walt and Roy Disney 45 years ago, October 1, 1971.
SeAworLd orlando🐬
SeaWorld is a theme and marine park that is in Orlando. With 4.2 million visitors a year, the park is the 10th most visited amusement park in USA. It's also ranked 22 worldwide. The slogan of the park is "Real. Amazing." There are 13 rides in the park and 5 of them are roller coasters.
Miami beach🏖
Miami beach is a city in Florida. There is a total population of 87,779 people. The city has a total area of 48.5 square kilometre, but 30.2 kilometre is water 💦 .
The lion country safari🦁
The Lion Country Safari is a safari where you meet a lot of different animals that are not in cage. The animals can walk beside your car if they want to. There are over 1 000 animals in the safari. The lions are the principal attraction, but they are in cage because in the past, people ignored the warnings to not open their car door.


Key lime pie is a very popular dessert made of key lime juice, eggs yolk and condensed milk. There is also a pie crust and eggs white to do the meringue on top of the pie. It was originally created in Key West, Florida.

DrinK 🍹

Florida is a tropical country, so there are a lot of oranges growing there. Florida orange juice is one of the best orange juice in the world.
I hope you will enjoy Florida because it's a beautiful country!

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