Farm assignment By Aiden, Malique, Cameron, Kevin, and aidan M

This truck was one of the first things that we saw on the trip to Juniper hills. This truck could get as low as -20 degrees Celsius. The man described it as a big refrigerator but bigger and colder. It is used to keep plants shelf life long between transportation and he said we might see the truck going around town with a name on the side.

When asked what this was used for, he said it was used for moving dirt and large pallets. He said this is very useful and allowed some of us to get inside of it.

This is used to fill buckets and to cut plants. It has a fast moving razor at the back and on a good day, they are able to fill up more than two buckets a minute. According to the man that was talking, they are the only farm in Kansas that has one of these.

At Juniper hills they used this to hold their plants. It's not machinery but it is used to hold the plants so technically it's equipment to help production.

The little greenhouse is used to insulate the gasses and and caprture sunlight. It keeps it humid within the walls and has like, hoses to spray water throughout. It isn't really equipment or machinery but it increases production and raises quality.

This is used to harvest and cut plants. The man presenting told us that it's like the little push mowers some of us have at home except there are eight of them in a row. This increases production rate significantly. (Kevin Sings)

Finally in the barn is where they cut their vegetables. They had a refrigerator area inside the barn where they put the cut up vegetables, they kept it at a sustainable 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

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