Family of Five Down to Four by Anjhela Henry

Family and family time is very important for Antoine which is why he had to get his family in top shape before he left. He is leaving for his dream school, and he knew he had to get his family closer before he went away. Since quarantine started, he has been going out of his way to get closer with each person in his family and drawing everyone closer with each other. There have been ups and downs, but the whole family has grown a lot over quarantine. Each family member is feeling a great amount of emotion about him leaving because of how big of an influence Antoine has been on his family. Now that he is gone, there is a big question of will the family fall apart, stay close, or get closer together.

A painting in a frame that was in the hotel they were staying at in Las Vegas.

“I’m excited for this next chapter of his life & what college is going to expose him to and give him the ability to really grow & find himself & his passion.” - Sonia (aka mom)

Sunset taken in the evening on the way back home without Antoine.

“Family time to me is extremely important because it gives us a chance to grow closer together.” - Anthony(aka dad)

Their last moment together before they part ways.

“It feels like I’m losing my best friend. He was the only person I opened up too and the only one who never had a problem with who I became.” - Anjhela

Antoine moving into his new apartment. “It is difficult not being with my family, however, I feel that I am at the age where I need to be by myself so I can grow and become a more responsible and mature person.” - Antoine

Anthony played basketball when he was younger, and this was his jersey number. Each of his kids wore their fathers number in each of the sports they played.

“It’s hard, very hard. I now know that I have no one to talk to if I’m struggling with something. I have to call him just to see his face, and I don’t like that.” - Shane