Finding the void by Gabriel de Lasa

Authors Note:

This project was a really big struggle. I made some mistakes on writing some of the important prices in this project, which I rewrote later on. This project took me a long time to make and it really came from the hard. I talked about what I want to pursue in life, what makes me happy, and my interests in pushing the limits. I really believe I opened up in this project and tried new ways of writing and new ways of working on the project. I managed the time I worked on this project wisely, which is something I rarely do. Overall, this project is tied together by my love for nature and adventure, as well as my goals that I set, to see how far I can go in certain situations. In the you decide piece that I wrote, I talked about my ADD and how it's affected me in school. I really worked hard on the project and I hope you like it.


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