Persistence is going to be much needed in these next few classes as we step closer to this monster or villain essay. As it is our first long term assignment, I can foresee needing persistence, or learning persistence within this assignment. The assignment is definitely creative enough where maintaining interest will be significantly easier than a more "regular" research essay although it is still technically a research essay. Meaning it will be fun in a sense but it still doesn't have the appeal of a narrative or a more fictional piece of writing. I believe persistence will also be needed during the researching phase. I've chosen to research dragons. Without a more narrow focus, I can't yet articulate exactly how the research might be difficult in specific terms, but in broad terms I can foresee some difficulties. Along with being an unorthodox concept for a research essay comes the possibility of fewer reliable sources for information. With my options being either cultural dragons or more fictional game or movie based dragons, I can see cultural dragons having much more available research, however I do see that as the more boring of the two options. This mean's I'll also have to ask myself if I want to be persistent and choose the more interesting topic and potentially struggle for research, or if I want to be persistent and choose the less interesting topic and have to stay motivated and engaged throughout the essay process. These two types of persistence are only a small sample of the way that persistence plays a role within the essay writing process and within life as a whole. Honestly, both routes seem unappealing, but due to the fact that I've already had to be persistent with uninteresting research essays before, I'll most likely choose the cultural dragons route.

In conjunction with persistence, flexibility will most likely also be a big part of this upcoming assignment. Flexibility in terms of adapting to adversity within this assignment. As I mentioned in the above paragraph, the potential for there to be a limited amount of available research on any given topic is high. You can't, or you shouldn't, have a concrete idea of what specifically your topic is going to be on going in. Dragons are a very wide topic and that is why I haven't narrowed it down yet (also combined with the fact I haven't had the need to and I haven't really thought about it). I'm able to take multiple routes depending on the quality and the availability of research on any given topic. Flexibility also entails being able to totally scrap your essay and more forward in a different direction. I'm aware that attaining information on dragons, or attaining enough information on dragons within the specific topic I choose to talk about might be difficult. I might have to trash my essay and choose another route, or another monster all together. I also have to be able to be flexible within the focus of my essay. If I find myself going too broad and foresee myself surpassing the word limit then I'll need to be flexible and narrow my approach. In contrast, if my scope is too narrow and I find that I don't have enough information to complete an essay, I'll need to be flexible and broaden my focus and maybe even change the entire format of my essay at that point. Flexibility and persistence are both very necessary traits in writing, especially in writing that may not fully interest or resonate with you. In that situation, you have to apply openness, but that's a habit of mind for another journey log.

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