Nature By aleXis

Artist statement

I choose nature for my finale project because nature is all around us and I think it is really beautiful of all the colors it has. Also how we use a lot of nature for stuff that we have tables, paper, pencils, flowers and wood. And I see a lot of really good photographers use nature in most of their photos and I hope one day I will be as good as them. Fun fact: Some trees can live up to 5000years depends on the species.

Small scale
Color psychology
Vertical lines
Curved lines
Ieading lines
Rule of thirds
Diagonal lines
Eye line
Framing devices
Fill the frame
Cover art

A few others that I took


My name is Alexis Martinez, I am 14 years old. And I was born in Othello Washington and moved to Vancouver when I was one. I am currently trying to teach myself more photo techniques so I could be better in the future or the next time I take a photo class. I like taking pictures of things that stand out more than others like if they are colorful. But I like taking pictures of a lot of things and also I like taking pictures of landscapes because I think some landscapes are really beautiful. I am all about color and how it makes things stand out but also how dark colors make some things stand out to and that’s what I take picture of things that have colors in it . My life is not that interesting but my mom really likes me taking photos. I like taking photos but I also really like sports and sometimes I would take pictures at practice so everything I do it feels like I could take a really good pictures. But my brother was in photo to and he kind of helps me think of photo ideas and teaches me how to take the pictures . My education is studying really hard for finals so I can pass so in the future so I could become someone in the law industries. And for me to become what I want to be I have to pass classes and study a lot.

I think that I have always liked taking photos. When I first got a phone I loved taking pictures of a lot of different things but mostly colors and sunsets and I would always take pictures for my friends and family. Even when my whole family went camping I would like to take pictures of the scenery there because I thought it was really beautiful. I don’t know why I like taking a lot of photos maybe it’s because I think that 1 picture could tell a whole story. But the key moment I knew I liked taking pictures is when my best friend and I walked around in Milwaukie Oregon and took pictures of the river and graffiti we walked past train tracks we walked over I took over 100 picture that day and ever since that day I loved taking photos and that was 4 years ago.

My experience in photo class is really cool and I really like how Mr.Emmert added other photographers picture to the class cite because those pictures gave me a lot of good ideas on what I want to take pictures of and the one I really like was of the graffiti and the texture of the wall and how it’s old and breaking and the colors it had by Hungarian photographer borbalas urban texture series. I want to become someone in the law industries but I think I’ll always take pictures because that’s what I like to do. I want to explore the world and go to really cool places I have never been before. But I also think that I want to help solve crimes for detectives. I want to go to college for 4 years for law.

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