Lemurs Rae-onna Brewington

Scientific Name: Lemuroidea

Common Name: Lemur

There are more than 30 species of Lemurs. Size of a lemur ranges from 25 gms to 12 kgs.

Lemurs are the most threatened animal on the whole planet. According to IUCN Red List, only 22 species are endangered, 48 are endangered, while 20 are vulnerable. In 2005, lemurs became and endangered animal.

What causes them to become endangered? Illegal logging and clearing of land for farming was wiped out large portions of their habitat. Poachers also illegally hunt lemurs for food. More than 90% of lemur species are in danger of becoming extinct.

How to save em? Ecotourism, sightseeing expeditions designed to leave nature unharmed.

At the tip of Madagascar is where lemurs are abundantly.

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