The second and longest leg of our journey we spent close to Vík. Vík is a little town on Iceland’s south coast with many very touristic sightseeing spots on the route from Reykjavik. In the beginning of our drive we were a bit shocked as we drove through a snow storm for quite a while and expected everything the be completely covered in snow but the closer we got to Vík, the less snow we had and the more of the brown-ish winter landscapes of Iceland we saw.

The waterfall Seljalandsfoss looked a bit different than in all the pictures i saw on the internet because the area around it was still covered in snow and we couldn’t really walk very close to the waterfall or up the stairs next to it. We only spent a very short time there before driving on to the cabin we rented. Our plan for the afternoon was to go down to the sea and enjoy the black sand beaches so we took a detour along a gravel road that led us to a little church and a gate with a field full of horses behind it. We didn’t make it all the way to the sea but spent some time with those typical Iceland-horses.

We planned our trip to the famous DC-3 planewreck on Sólheimasandur beach particularly on the morning of the 25th of December. We drove to the car park close to it and were quite surprised as there were about ten cars parked already, even though it was before sunset and after a 45-minute walk, we reached the plane with so many people climbing it and taking selfies in front of it (i retouched them out of my pictures ;-) ). After spending a few minutes there, we decided to walk down to the ocean as it was quite close. As we reached it, the sun came out for the first time in our entire Iceland-holiday. Up to this point i wasn’t even sure if the sun is even rising above the horizon at this time of the year since we never saw a single beam of sunlight. It’s been an amazing feeling to soak up some warmth and the temperature felt a lot less cold with the light on our skin. I took a few shots with my drone before we made our way back to the car park where we found way more cars now (about 50 - 60 I guess).

During our time in the Vík-area, we stayed in a place called “Welcome Holiday Home”, a collection of small and really comfy huts. It was just around the corner of the Skógafoss waterfall and Reynisfjara beach which are also two spots full of tourists. We were a bit disappointed about the amount of people despite the time of year since we rather enjoy spending our holidays alone and a bit away from other people but in the end we only had daylight until 3:30pm anyway. We spent the late afternoons and evening in our hut, cooking dinner, eating Skyr for desert, watching TV and actually enjoying some time simply doing nothing and being together. In one of the clear nights we were even lucky enough so see some northern lights. Something I’ve never seen before and I had on my bucket list for quite a while. We got into our car, drove a bit further away from the mountains and spent half an hour being amazed by those dancing lights in the sky. After five nights in our cabin, we moved on to Höfn, in the southwest of Iceland which i will show you in the last part of my blogposts.

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