Gifted and Talented & Advanced Placement Programs Beebe Public Schools

As 2019 comes to a close and half the school year is behind us, I wanted to share good things about our GT and AP Programs.

Our Gifted and Talented Program (3rd-12th grades) is 225 students strong. Breakdown by building: Elementary - 32; Middle School - 52; Junior High - 43; High School - 98

What are we working on?

In Elementary, Mrs. McNeill completed a 3rd grade unit entitled "Forced Immigration: Slavery".

The students are looking at a Freedom Quilt that depicts the story of the Underground Railroad.

Fourth grade completed a unit entitled "Journey to Topaz: Japanese Internment Camps".

Third and fourth grade have both finished this semester with Hands-On-Equations which provides students with a foundation in algebra. Mrs. McNeill has commented that she has seen how working with this program has helped students with our district/state testing.

This student stated that this is "bringing your brain to class with you!"

Two Elementary GT Parent Meetings have been held this semester. They were both well attended and we are looking forward to our third meeting in January.

Middle School GT Students completed a "Nuclear Energy" Unit and are now working on Independent projects.

Junior High GT students completed a wonderful Debate unit. The topics were varied and the debates were well thought out. Each group defended their stance with a lot of enthusiasm!!

Junior High GT students are now working on Independent Projects which means research and a final presentation.

The district's AP Program is progressing and students and teachers are working hard as they make their way toward AP exams in May.

As of today, we have 133 AP students who will take a combined 222 AP exams. Beebe School District proudly offers 17 AP courses and our students who pass their exams, with a score of three or higher, will be able to use their scores toward college credit.

All AP teachers are required to conduct three four hour AP study sessions throughout the school year. This is an extended period of time (after school hours) that can be devoted to AP exam preparation. We have worked through twelve study sessions thus far. Here are a few pictures of some of our study sessions.

AP Biology

AP US History

Though this wasn't an AP study session, this was a wonderful AP US History in-class activity. This activity was called "Historical Speed Dating". Students researched a historical figure from the 19th century Reform Movements and took on their character, speed dating other historical figures from their time. Everyone was given a rose and students gave their rose to their favorite "date".
There was a three way tie between Margaret Fuller, Brigham Young, and Charles Finney!

AP Government and Politics

Jeopardy AP Government style!

AP Environmental Science

It's a food web!
Lori H. Monday from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Regional Educator for Central Arkansas came to the first APES study session and gave students a wonderful "hands-on" experience.
Dissecting owl pellets.

As 2020 approaches, we are looking forward to another semester of hard work and learning from our GT and AP students!

A huge thank you to our Board Members and Administrators who work to make Beebe School District a wonderful place for our students to learn and achieve new things every day.

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Tammy Deaton