Young-Williams Animal Shelter Fundraiser

In 2016, Young-Williams Animal Shelter took in 11,594 animals, with a total of 7,484 outgoing animals and 3,901 animals being euthanized. Believe it or not, but this is the lowest number of euthanized animals Young-Williams has had since it first began its operations in 2001. One of the organization’s missions to end pet overpopulation they succeeded in performing 60,000 surgeries. This was accomplished within 9 years of the animal shelter opening. Young-Williams, like many shelters, faces the problem with pet overpopulation.

Pet overpopulation has become a growing issue within the community. Our research shows that there are nearly 6 million stray cats and dogs entering animal shelters each year. Also, over half of them are euthanized because they can not find homes for these animals. This overpopulation is affected by two main sources; when cats and dogs reproduce at large amounts with little chance their babies will find homes, and when pet owners return their animals to the shelter because they can no longer keep them, or want them. Pet overpopulation affects the community in more way then you would think. For example, there are health issues, like the spread of rabies and other diseases, and it invests more money to open more shelters. Pet overpopulation is becoming a nationwide problem and in our research shows it's grown even more. Luckily, Young-Williams approach includes sheltering homeless animals and making sure they’re all spayed or neutered. Through the help of their center, the number of homeless animals in Knoxville has dropped since Young-Williams first opened.

Young-Williams offers more than just adoption services, they are concerned with helping the community with animal education and other medical services for animals. For example, they offer spaying/neutering solutions, heart-worm test, countless vaccinations for your animals, city tag, and micro-chipping. Their mission statement, "To serve the community through innovative approaches to sheltering, adopting, the spaying/neutering of animals and public education about animal welfare," and they go above and beyond in order to accomplish this mission.

Here are some of the friends located at Young WIlliams Animal Shelter
Young Williams has been connecting families with beloved pets since they first opened their doors in 2001.

Our advocacy is similar to Young-Williams’ vision in this case. Young-Williams is an organization that holds the compassion and care of animals as their sole mission to the community. They want to serve the community with innovative approaches to adopting, and many other services they offer. Not only do they offer adoption and medical services for animals in their shelter, but they also offer animal welfare classes for those to learn more about their animals and how to properly care for them. We really want to help Young-Williams spread their compassion and care for animals to everyone who loves animals in general. Our advocacy is to spread the care, love, and compassion Young-Williams has to those around us so that we can continue to help this great organization in any way we can. One specific item the center on Kingston Pike has been in need of is a new x-ray machine. We hope to send the majority of our money to the center in purchasing this new machine and an additional 30% of the money raised for other items needed on the wish list.

Michelle Nguyen, Lexi Alberts, Bella Antonio, and Shy Tuttle (Left to Right)

My classmates and I are all students at the University of Tennessee who have a passion for animals and their wellbeing. In choosing Young-Williams we hope to raise $1000. By donating to our campaign you are helping us buy the items the shelter has shared is the most pressing needs. Whether it is through spreading the word of our project to those with generous interest, or donating any amount directly to our campaign, we are grateful and appreciative of any contribution.

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