Five ways to make money as a teen By: Naila Yazdani

Most, if not all, teens want to be able to make money and buy things they desire. It can be hard to earn money since not all teenagers are at an age or have the means. Working for the community and our loved ones is a fast and easy way to make money. Kids can learn responsibilities and benefit from these skills later in life as well as benefitting their life skills in general.

#1: Tutoring

Tutoring is an interactive, yet simple way to help you and other kids learn while making money in the process! Tutoring can range from teaching someone about a school subject or helping a student practice more where they struggle. Teaching a specific material to someone else helps you develop more skills as well. Asking for about $5- 10 an hour is a good enough amount so that it is reasonable for whoever you are helping. The best subjects for tutoring someone would be a skill or a subject you are best or prominent at.

#2: Help your neighbors

There are many ways that you can help neighbors with things that they may need help with. Some examples include walking dogs, mowing the lawns, cleaning their backyards and even running small errands if needed. You can charge $10-20 depending on what you are doing for the person. Working and exerting yourself is more effort so you can charge accordingly. For example, when mowing a lawn or cleaning out a garage, it can be a lot more tiresome rather than walking a dog around. Responsibility also comes with these activities because it is someone else's property and items to be careful with, so make sure to always have that in mind when working.

#3: Buying and selling items

Selling items that you have is an easy way to make money since you can create your prices relevant to what and how much you want to make in total. Buying items can help you save money for something that you may have wanted in the first place, but for a cheaper price. Clothes can be a big item to sell to get better deals than the normal prices at stores and you can have more freedom with it. You don't only have to sell online, you can also do your garage sale just making sure to be safe and be aware of where you are selling and to who.

#4: Car washing

With a bucket of water, soap and sponge, you can start making money by helping your friends and the community with cleaning their cars. You can take a few friends as well and enjoy scrubbing down any vehicle that may need cleaning and collect money when you're done. Depending on what car and how much time you are putting into cleaning it, you can charge accordingly. Doing this job in the summer can be even better since you can cool off while you are in the heat. You are also strengthening your skills in cleaning while you are doing this as well!

#5: Completing surveys and watching videos

An easy way that pretty much anyone can make money from is doing online surveys and watching videos. Websites and apps that appreciate receiving feedback on their products or services will pay you after you complete any gesture to help them out. Every survey and site has different values of money you can earn and it depends on how much you want to make at the end on which survey you may take. Make sure to stay safe online to be sure you are not getting scammed or tracked online.


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