Bucket List By: gerardo guzman ii


I would like to go skydiving because I love getting an adrenaline rush. I believed this will give me an adrenaline rush because anything can happen once your in the air.

The Bahamas

I would love to go swimming in the Bahamas because he water looks so clear and I love swimming. Also it is my dream to go snorkeling there with my uncle.

Spain, Madrid

I want to go to Spain because I want to visit the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. This is the stadium of my favorite soccer team and I would like to go and see them play.

Mount Everest

One of my life goals is to climb mount everest.. By climbing this mountain , to me this means the sky is the limit.

Travel The World

I want to travel the world alongside my family. This is one of my goals because I want to see all the different types of cultures around the world.


I would like to go to the moon. My reason for this would be I want to be sure that United States was the first people to land on the moon.

Dream Car

My dream car is a porsche 911. By obtaining this car it defines to me that anything is possible.

Running With The Bulls

This is a traditional feast that occurs in Spain and what they do is that they release bulls on the streets and you must avoid them. This looks interesting and It would be one of the things that gives me an adrenaline rush.

4.0 College Graduate

Graduating college with a 4.0 has been one of my life long dreams. By achieving this, t opens up doors for your future career.

Self Responsibility

No later than the age of 18 I would like to be independent. For this reason is that I don't want to my parents to be struggling financially.


I really liked this assignment because it gave me the chance to think about the future.
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Gerardo Guzman II


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