Southern Colonies Madie.K

"the Southern colonies, a place to feel free!"

Why we founded the Southern Colonies.

They wanted to find a new world for the Catholics. then they wanted to come over to sell land, and make money. Lastly they wanted to make it a buffer zone. A buffer zone is place to block other places in that case it was Spain.


In the Southern colonies There were lots of groves, and lots o good soil. In the Southern colonies they had a harbor where boats could come in, and out. In the Southern colonies it was very hot, it has deadly Diseases, and Mosquitoes that lived year round. The southern colonies were good for planting, and many people had plantations.


In the Southern colonies people made money by growing, and selling Tobacco, selling land, growing, and selling cotton, and growing, and selling rice. In the Southern colonies they grew, and sold indigo but only kings wore it, but then others started to wear it, it made them fell like a king. Ship building was also how you made money.


Slavery is a very bad thing. Slavery is wear black people because of there skin half to be held against there will, and work for white people. in Pennsylvania slavery was very Common. William Penn was the founder of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania means Penn's woods. William Penn liked slavery , and thought it was good. William Penn was a Quaker. In Pennsylvania it was perfect. Not slavery. All though nothings perfect!

Southern colonies fun zone!

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