While at the Florida Museum of Natural History By Caleb Steinmetz

Nature and the Human Spirit: Here on display was a group of Native Americans in traditional religious clothing. This museum helps use step out of our every day lives and understand the natural world better.For example, here in this display the Native Americans are living off the land and have a great appreciation for the world around them. The mystery of the world inspired them and they deeply respected nature. This display helped me thing more about nature and how it is a part of my everyday life.
Nature on Display: This set of teeth belong to the extinct shark megalodon. These teeth are massive and its jaws are more than large enough to swallow a human whole. I found this exhibit appealing as it brings you face to face with one of the worlds largest killers. Before seeing this I didn't truly understand the sheer size of a megalodon. Simply reading about it wouldn't have prepared me for the enormous nature of this shark.
Nature and Ethics: Here is a painting that helps show the "future" of Florida. This part of the museum helped illiterate how it was all of our responsibilities to help maintain the environment of Florida. It is up to all of us, not one creed or race to protect the environment. This helped me to see this as a biotic community rather than a conquered land. It inspired me to work together with others to create something great and to reevaluate how I treat the environment.
Here is a picture of some of the Arrow heads on display.
Here is a picture of some of the Insects on display.

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