provocateur session how to rock out with it all out!


"Erotic, Sensual, Intimate, Seductive, Alluring, Risqué, Sophisticated..."

These are just a few to describe what we go for during your session. Expert direction in posing, lighting and finding the right angles for your physique are a few specialties of our's that are essential to creating a gorgeous collection of imagery that you'll be able to use for a variety of purposes.

In order to be fully prepared, here's a quick guide of the things to keep in mind a few days before your shoot.


Most of our models come well prepared with a suitcase or even two, filled with clothing, accessories, props and more. While we have many accouterments available - whatever you love to wear, look best in and fits well with the location/concept are all great items to include.

Here's a quick list of ideas:

  1. Tops: Fitted Shirts, Button-Ups, Polos, V-Necks, Graphic T's, Vests, Sweaters, Beaters, Hoodies, Track-Jackets, Leather Jackets, etc...try to coordinate as much as possible
  2. Bottoms: Jeans, Slacks, Shorts...all your favorites, and what shows off all the right parts
  3. Underwear: Boxers, Sport Trunks (tight boxers) Briefs, Pouch-thongs
  4. Shoes: bring your favorite Boots, Sneakers, Dress Shoes etc.,
  5. Accessories: Ties, Belts, Hats, Socks (Dressy or Sporty), Jewelry
  6. Supplies: Brush/Comb, Hair Gel/Spray/Paste, Beard Trimmer, Razor, Shaving Cream...all your regular product

Remember: No need to iron clothing! We have a steamer that we'll use after we've compiled your wardrobe selections.

Really, throw everything in a suitcase and duffle bags - we'll sort it all out before we start shooting! Lots of our guys will go shopping before for a fresh, new's a great tip: keep the tags! Just in case you pick something up that's perfect for your shoot, but you probably won't ever wear again.

More Tips...

  • Wear Loose Fitted clothing to your session to avoid marks or impressions on your skin
  • Don't go tanning or use any spray-on products within Five days of your shoot to avoid accidental burns or blotchy skin
  • Try to keep body hair well groomed and avoid stubbly chests, faces, etc., unless we're going for that look! If you're going to go so Three or more days prior to the shoot!
  • Manicured fingernails and toes.
  • Be prepared for wardrobe changes and set/locations...if you have any questions about logistics - do ask!


Drink a lot of water and get lots of sleep! Don't Stress - feel free to call if you need any assistance, at any time! We're here to help and want you to have the best experience possible.

I'm Nervous, is that Normal?

Absolutely - it's very common to be nervous before your shoot. Try and convert that nervous energy into excitement...all of our models have commented about how much fun they had and can't wait to do another session!

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