Japan By: Jenoy daniels

The Japanese had many power struggles in there history. With multiple different rulers and wars over power Japan struggled for proper control because of its geography and other influences.
The Japanpens worshipped spirts called Kami of whome they believe that live in mountains trees and rivers. Over time TheJapanese religion became known as Shinto which is translated to " the scared Way" or" The way of the gods". However it was not uncommon for the Japanese to be budist.
Unlike majority of the nations in the world Japan Is a archipelago nation wich means it is a chain of lands. The main ilans of Japan are Hobbaidō , Honshū, Kyū shū and Shikokuo
Prior to 500 A.D only the richer Japanese citizens could afford a education however school primarily tought Confucianism and Buddhist teaching in schools

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