MY SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN Jean Craighead George

Author Bio- Jean Craighead George has many children books like julie of the wolves and this book and was awarded the newbery medal and the ala notable book,and hans christian andersen award honor book
Genre, Them,setting it is a survile adventure book it is settin the back woods of the oszarkes mountans on an old run down farm
Plot summary a boy who who was tired of city life desides to run away to his grategranpaws farm deep in the mountans and live off the land and survie the fast approching winter and gather supplies to stay alive and feed his pet falcon before the get snowed in and starve
careckters- sam gribly is a yung boy who ran away to live on his grate grandparents farm stared off with city clothes and spme sweters but ends up wareing buck skin shirt and paints and he steals a falcon and makes it his pet and tranes it to hunt for him and keep him compony all winter
main conflicket - he was trying to survive agenst all odds by him self and live off the land all summer and winter and hide from other people so they wont take him back he starts to have truble with finding deer and other animals till he trains his falcon to hunt
book ealuation - i think this book is one the best i've read becuse it has every thing you need its got survivule and acktion and other thing i think this book would be good for outdoor typ people
quotes "I had made my hemlock bed right in the stream valley where the wind drained down from the cold mountaintop . it might have been all right if i had made it on the other side the boulder but i did't i was on the main highway of the cold" this quote gives evedence that he will develop in to a master outdoorsman.pg17 the heart of the tree was rotting away. i scraped useing my ax from the time as my xcitement grew with much the rot out i could crawl in the tree and sit cross-leggeded pg29
vocabulary, forest -a area with lots of trees ax- a sharp tool used for cutting trees falkon- a breed of bird trought- a typ of fish that lives in strems candile- mostly mad from was is a artifichal light sorce


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