Punching,Smashing JOHN CENA!!! a famous wrestler

This wrestler is strong!,Hyper! And amazing! also physical and a champion. and a SUPER STAR! Read more to find out.

WWE Super Star

Did you know that John Cena went to to Nickelodeon 2017 kids choice awards and he was hosting!

John Cena was born in America. His dream was to become a wrestler. He was a great wrestler in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

John Cena started in WWE in 2002 after the Rock retried from Wrestle Mania! Did you know that many wrestlers were defeated by John Cena in WWE. John Cena is one of the strongest wrestlers in WWE. John Cena was a heavy weight champion!

this is John Cena in wrestle mainia

WWE Chaimpion

John Cena’s final move was the 5 knuckle shuckle. It could knock out an opponent in one hit. John Cena is one of the most strong wrestlers in WWE. He defeated more than 15 wrestlers in WWE. do you know that john cena won more than ten gold belts in WWE

this is John Cena vs big show in wwe

His matches

Did you know that John Cena vs wrestlers like Undertaker,rey mysterio, Randy Orton, Big Show, the Rock,Brock and Triple H. Did you know that John Cena was in a team match with the Undertaker vs two other wrestlers. Sadly John Cena won but Under taker wanted the win so undertaker used to move that can knock out anyone! Did you know that john cena was in a arm wrestle match. Then John Cena won the match and he was about to slam the wrestler but the wrestler ran away. Soon a new wrestler came in then John lifted him up and slammed him to the ground.

this is John cena vs another wrestler in WWE


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